Some Amazing Reasons to Trade with BitAlpha AI

Improved performance

Many CFDs traders have used the BitAlpha AI tools to improve their trading. Our tools make CFD trading research quite easy. We do so by enabling traders from all levels of experience to implement sophisticated, fast-paced trading research easily.


Minimal Trading Risk

We help traders build and implement a robust risk management plan. The tools to build and implement this plan are available on the broker’s trading platform. You should go through the provided trading resources to learn about the risk control process.


Fun Trading Experience

Performing crypto CFDs trading research through our tools is fun. We have done our best to build tools that offer a game-like trading experience. These tools enable complete beginners to learn the trading game easily. Expert traders may also gain a lot from our tools.


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BitAlpha AI Features


Powerful News Trading

We help you build and implement a robust news trading strategy. News trading is a significant determinant of success in all crypto CFDs trading. This is because crypto volatility is 99.99% influenced by news. Favourable news triggers demands and price gains, while negative news causes a selloff and price declines.


Advanced Price Trend Analysis

Technical analysis involves the scrutiny of price trends to identify cyclical patterns. The cyclical patterns are used to forecast future price behaviour. BitAlpha AI comes with the tools to help you scrutinize the patterns and generate accurate signals. Any trader can use the BitAlpha AI tools to implement this technique accurately.


Blockchain-powered trading environment

We offer a blockchain-based trading ecosystem to ensure 100% transparency. The trades executed through the BitAlpha AI tools are documented on a public ledger. Any information published on this ledger cannot be edited. Also, the users can trace all transactions in the ledger in real time. Some of the CFD brokers linked from this site claim to offer blockchain-based trading.


The Great Bitcoin Bull Run is About to Start – Is this the Best Time to Trade?

Crypto is the world’s fastest-growing asset class. Analysts believe that the industry is where the internet was during the dot com boom of 2000.

The latest crypto crash is therefore preparing the industry for a massive rally. Many experts are upbeat that the industry has already reached rock bottom and can only go up. The industry has, in the last weeks, showing positive signs of a massive rebound.

This is despite the rising global inflation and the developing recessions in the UK and the US. Analysts believe that the recession could lead to a massive demand for crypto. Many investors today perceive cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as a hedge against inflation.

The crash of the fiat money system is, therefore, likely to trigger a massive demand for crypto. This demand will trigger a crypto boom not witnessed before. Leading experts believe that bitcoin will rebound and trade past $50,000 in the next few months.

The rally will pick pace before the end of the year and push bitcoin past the $100,000 mark by May next year. Some believe that bitcoin will keep rising to hit half a million dollars by 2024. But what does this mean to volatility traders?

Crypto CFDs traders have the best opportunities to trade in the rising volatility. A bitcoin rally is characterized by massive daily price swings. A crypto CFDs trader with a good trading plan and the best trading tools should capture the best trading opportunities in this rally.

The BitAlpha AI tools offer everything you need to detect and trade the volatility opportunities in this market. Our technical team is working tirelessly to offer more tools to help you trade the building-up crypto rally. You can access all the tools through our quality CFDs brokers.

The Altcoins Market is Experiencing Major Disruptions Today – Trade all the Trending metaverse tokens like a pro!

You are mistaken if you think that the future of crypto is in bitcoin alone. The altcoins market is growing rapidly, with some less known coins trending top. 

Analysts believe that some altcoins will surpass bitcoin in market capitalization in the future. Some of these altcoins are already growing rapidly and offering amazing opportunities to traders and investors. According to Analytics Insight, some of the fastest growing altcoins today include BNB, Solana, Algorand, The Sand Box, Elrond, Amp, and Arweave.

Most of the trending altcoins are in the metaverse industry. The metaverse is a blockchain-based 3D digital space where users can interact, play, and transact. Simply put, the metaverse is a simulation of the physical world in the digital space. The currency for transactions in the digital space is known as a metaverse token.

A metaverse token has all the characteristics of a cryptocurrency. This means that it can be traded in an exchange. Moreover, it can be used for transactions outside the metaverse ecosystem. The rapid growth of the metaverse industry is pushing the volatility of the metaverse tokens to greater heights.

The BitAlpha AI tools help you identify trending metaverse coins and trade them against other cryptos and fiat. Only the brokers assigned from this page support CFDs trading on metaverse tokens. The most traded metaverse tokens today include Decentraland, the Sand Box, and Solana. You can trade CFDs on this and many other metaverse tokens through our partner brokers.


Risk Management is the Backbone of Profitable Trading – Use our Tools to Build a Highly Effective Crypto CFDs Risk Management Plan!

Risk management involves identifying, measuring, and analyzing risk for various trading decisions. The risk you adopt per trade should be informed by your risk management plan.

Behind any successful trading plan is a well-thought-out risk management plan. Building an effective risk management plan is not as easy as it may sound. However, with the right attitude and tools, any trader can develop an effective risk management plan.

Planning and strategy are the cornerstones of a good risk control plan. As the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu once said, every battle is won before it’s fought. You need to plan well before starting to trade. We offer the materials to help you build a powerful plan. These materials include a risk appetite test and a guide to the Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) features. 

The risk appetite test analyzes your financial status and trading psychology to determine the level of risk per trade. You will find a guide to this test on the broker’s trading resources page. Please take the time to understand it and use the demo to try out different risk levels.

You will know the risk per trade parameters to apply to your account upon completing the risk management test. The SL and TP tools are applied through the broker’s system. These tools will help you predetermine when trades should close. Predetermining the risk per trade level eliminates emotions in trading.

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