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What is a contract for difference (CFD)?

A CFD is a type of financial derivative that allows traders to trade the direction of financial security in the short term. CFDs can be traded on forex, commodities, stock, market indices, and crypto.

Most financial brokers allow traders to simultaneously speculate on CFDs on different asset classes. Others require the broker to specify the asset class they prefer to trade. CFD trading is tedious and complicated, but with the right tools, beginners can find their way around easily.

How do I trade crypto through CFDs?

Crypto CFDs have gained massive popularity recently. Experts report that most traders today are speculating on crypto through CFDs.

You can trade CFDs on hundreds of crypto pairs. These pairs are either crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat. The commonly traded CFD pairs include BTC/USD, ETH/SD, LTC/USD, ETC/USD, EOS/USD, and ZEC/USD. These cryptos are also paired against popular fiat currencies such as EUR, GBP, and JPY.

Can a beginner trade CFDs successfully?

All approaches to online trading are quite complicated. A complete beginner trader may take months to master the basics of trading.

However, beginner traders can hit the home run right from the start with the right tools. Trading tools such as ours reduce the complexity of CFD trading by more than 90%. Any beginner can use our tools to find their way around trading within a few hours.

What are the best CFD trading strategies?

CFD trading is more profitable when fast-paced trading strategies are applied. News trading is one of the fast-paced strategies applied in CFDs trading.

This strategy involves a fast and in-depth analysis of the news for insights. The goal is to forecast short-term price direction based on the new information entering the markets. This analysis should be superfast, given how fast the market adapts to new information.

Why is the Bit Alpha AI app not working on my phone?

The Bit Alpha AI app is working on Android, and iOS also on Windows, macOS, and Linux for desktop. The Bit Alpha AI app should only be downloaded through the link shared through the broker. You will receive a download link that is unique to your account. 

The app won’t work if you download it from a link associated with another account. Another reason why the app may stop working is if it’s installed on a compromised device.

How long does it take to complete the registration process?

Registering a trading account on the official Bit Alpha AI website is easy. Fill out the registration form and click the submit button.

You will redirect to one of our partner brokers for the page. We only link you to a broker authorized to operate in your country. The broker may take a couple of hours to verify the registration details. You don’t have to wait for the verification process to complete to continue to the next step.

How do I use the Bit Alpha AI tools through the assigned broker?

You can access the Bit Alpha AI tools through the broker linked on this page. The tools are already integrated with the trading systems provided by the broker.

We only work through the MT4 and the cTrader. These are the world’s most popular online trading systems. We may start to support some of the proprietary systems offered by the underlying broker soon.

Why is my Bit Alpha AI trading account suspended?

Your account could get suspended for various reasons. The first one is deliberately submitting inaccurate information during registration.

Remember that you will be asked to undergo a verification process after signing up. Submitting a fake verification document or a document with names that do not meet those provided during the signup will lead to instant account suspension.