The Basics of Crypto Trading

How to Make Money on Crypto

There are different ways to generate profits from crypto. You can earn through crypto mining, day trading or long-term investing.

However, crypto trading is currently out of reach for the ordinary person. This is because heavy computing resources are required to mine. Only institutional investors can afford these resources, such as Bit Alpha AI.

Long term investment

Many investors hold their crypto coins, hoping to see their value rise. You can store your crypto coins on your exchange or hot wallet.

Long-term investment can be super lucrative. However, it’s limited since you only earn when the prices gain. Moreover, the crypto buying and storing process is quite tedious and risky.

Day trading

You may also want to trade your coins for hundreds of other digital currencies your exchange offers. Most exchanges offer a wide range of trading pairs to meet the needs of different investors.

Trading happens through specialized brokers. Some of the best crypto CFD brokers are assigned from this page. Trading is super lucrative but also extremely risky. Evaluate your risk appetite carefully before staking any money.